How to Get Motivated to Begin Your Fitness Journey

Everyone has their own reasons for getting in shape. Whether you’re interested in losing weight, building muscle, improving running stamina or reaching some other goal, you want to make sure you identify why you want to do it.

Identify Why You Want to Get Fit

No matter how silly some of your reasons may sound on the surface, you’ll find that most of them boil down to wanting a long, healthy life with one’s family and friends. Write down your reasons and look at them often to stay motivated.

Ease Gym Anxiety and Build Basic Self Esteem

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While you might think that gym anxiety and self-esteem can only improve once you’ve reached your fitness goals, that’s far from the truth. Are you guilty of avoiding hitting the gym because you’re afraid that it will be full of in-shape people judging your body? Do you tell yourself you’re already too far gone? Such thoughts are major mental blocks that can keep you from wanting to get fit in the first place. Work on yourself a bit and you’ll quickly recognize that you deserve to be in your best health.

Find a Fitness Buddy

Sometimes all you need is a friend to help you stay motivated and provide some level of accountability. Find someone else with similar fitness goals to yours and make a plan together to stay on track. The best part of getting fit with friends is that workouts become hangouts!

Set Realistic Goals

Get Motivated to Begin Your Fitness Journey

One of the best ways to stop a fitness plan before it even starts is to have unrealistic expectations. Know your physical limits as well as what level of results are normal/healthy. Remember that if you haven’t been very active, you’ll have to take baby steps before you can run a mile without stopping. Don’t push yourself to try to hit your goals too soon; trying to hit unrealistic goals often leads to disappointment and giving up.

Plan Healthy Meals and Snacks

Another way to motivate yourself is to get into a healthy mindset by planning a healthy menu of meals and snacks for yourself during your fitness journey. If you have a schedule that makes it tough to sit down for some meals, keep a stash of nutritious meal replacement bars on hand.

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